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VIM-201 3D Visual Guidance System

Here’s the Vision-in-Motion system you’ve been dreaming of, with release planned for 2019. All the VIM benefits are crammed into a compact USB arm-mounted camera that tracks 3D objects in motion, dynamically follows pattern lines, and much more. With the industry’s simplest calibration process and IP 65/67 rating, it guides robots at speeds essentially as fast as running blind! Whether logistics, material handling, pick and place, or machine tending, VIM-201 is designed specifically for robot guidance, and sets the bar higher than ever for speed- with lower requirements for fixturing!

VIM-201 Beta being tested in a basic pick and place application.

VIM-201 Beta being tested in a basic pick and place application.

Currently in Beta, the VIM-201 captures 1.2 megapixel video at 30 FPS and VGA video at 60 FPS, correlated with location and orientation. This makes it possible to avoid the “stop-image-restart” pause that other systems require.

Coupled with the ability to “visually servo” commercial robots, this technological breakthrough enables much faster solutions for “pick and place” applications including solving many 3D challenges. In fact, our vision-guided pick and place speeds are nearly the same as those for blind robots! That’s why we call it “Vision-in-Motion™.”

To be sure, we don’t address every 3D problem that you’ll ever encounter. But we can solve the most common 3D application challenges as well as just about any 2D pick and place application. And we do this running faster than any other comparable system and usually at lower cost. If you have been struggling with an application that needs a faster vision-guided robot, contact us to learn how our solutions can help you.

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VIM-201 Software Development Kit (SDK)

In order for you to easily put our advantages to work, each VIM-201 comes with a software development kit that provides an easy interface to extraordinary information.

You can use visual software you are familiar with, such as HALCON or OpenCV to locate objects of interest within an image. But unlike any other system, we make not only the object coordinates available to your application, we also provide its dimensions, velocity and acceleration/deceleration too. In fact, the SDK tracks objects of interest from frame to frame for you, so you don’t have to manage that within your application. Your application can simply identify the object you want to pick, and we will guide the robot toward it, even if the object is moving!

Side Camera vs. Wrist Camera?

We considered developing a wrist camera and determined that our technology could easily fit in that form factor (popularized by Robotiq). Here’s a photo of the mockup we did.

While attractive, it’s an expensive mechanical redesign to move from one brand of robot to another. Since we are robot-agnostic, we’ve decided to focus on a side mount camera for the immediate future, as it can easily be ported to several popular brands of robots.

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