Do You Need a Partner with Vision?

As we approach the launch of our new camera line, Visual Robotics is actively seeking partnerships with system integrators or OEM partners who meet several criteria:

  1. You have experience in vision-guided systems such as pick and place applications.

  2. You have experience programming industrial robots with vision system software.

  3. You are willing to invest time working with our engineers to integrate our ground-breaking cameras into your systems. 

We are willing to devote engineering time to qualify our cameras for your applications because we believe your systems will perform faster and give you an edge in the market. At the present time, we will give preference to applications that:

  1. Need to solve a 2D or 3D problem that benefits from an arm-mounted camera.

  2. The pick location and/or the place location are in motion.

Examples include machine tending, packaging, bin-picking, inspection, etc. If pick and place cycle time matters to you, please contact us for further details.