Exciting Times!

Things are happening!  The team is growing, and product development is progressing at a rapid pace.  We have recently added a mechanical engineer, an optics engineer, and a hardware design engineer, as well as a part-time accountant.  We're continuing to look for a Windows application software developer, and an embedded software developer. Referrals appreciated!!

Side Camera Beta.png

First Look at Beta VIM-201 Camera

We are putting the finishing touches on our Beta side-mount VIM-201 camera, and will send it to manufacturing very shortly.  Note how the inbound location of cable connections reduces the effective overall length.  All the insights gained from testing our prototype and Alpha versions are rolled in, as well as being designed to support IP 67, and possibly (to be tested) IP65 industrial duty standards.  The Beta version will be more than ready for pilot projects, and we have three under active consideration now.