2-1/2D Smart Camera Development

Under Development: Incredible 2-1/2 D Smart Camera for Industrial Robots

Over the last few months we have been developing our 2-1/2D arm-mounted robot camera, the VIM-201. We are pushing the boundaries of using 2D cameras to solve 3D problems, opening up an enormous number of new applications to robotic automation.  Incorporating our patent-pending Vision-in-Motion™ technology, this camera enables robots to perform "pick and place" applications at unprecedented speed and with greater flexibility than is presently possible. 

Our Alpha cameras are up and running although quite a bit bulkier than their final form factor will be.  To prove their performance, we have developed a robot demonstration that shows off some truly remarkable pick and place feats. We are now defining the final packaging form. While we thought we might make a wrist camera like Robotiq (only dramatically faster!) we are now leaning toward a very compact side-mount camera. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date!